SA State Emergency Service (SES)

MarkerPO Box 460, 16 Acacia Drive, Kingscote, SA 5223
Phone08 8553 0035
Phone0428 300 353
Fax08 8553 0059

The State Emergency Service (SES) is a volunteer emergency service organisation which gives immediate assistance during emergencies and disasters. We also provide community response to 'day to day' incidents such as vehicle accidents, searches, cliff rescues, flood and storm damage situations and any other incidents that might require rescue or search services.

The SES is part of a national network of similar services in each State and Territory around Australia. Volunteers provide emergency response to the community of South Australia 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The SES also cooperates closely with other statutory emergency services and has storm and flood relief as responsibilities in State legislation. As the Hazard Leader and Control Agency for extreme weather in South Australia, the SES aims to increase community awareness and preparedness relating to extreme weather events. A well prepared community is better able to respond to and recover from an emergency.

To become an SES volunteer phone 1300 364 587 or make contact with the unit

*Moving to 16 Arcacia Drive, Kingscote January 2015.

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