Partners in Recovery

Marker16 Telegraph Road , Kangaroo Island Community Centre, Kingscote, SA 5223
Phone0418 812 549
Fax08 8553 2809

Q: What does Partners in Recovery do? A: We find and connect support programs and services that are the best fit for the needs of each individual client. We get multiple sectors, services and support programs to work together for people living with mental health issues We help people to function on their own and have more control over their lives.

Q: How to make a referral?

A: Phone 08 8307 2800 to refer yourself or ask your GP, health professional or support worker to refer you. You can also download the referral forms below.

For a mental health emergency - call 13 14 65

*Partners In Recovery is not able to provide emergency Mental Health services. For assistance in a mental health emergency, please contact the SA Health Mental Health Triage Service - telephone 13 14 65, available 24 hours seven days a week.

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